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About Global Village Dubai

Global village Dubai is an event hosted every year which shows the culture of almost 90 different countries under one ground. The Global village Dubai is the largest shopping, tourism, entertainment, and leisure destination in the entire world. People from multiple countries come together to set and show their pavilion, complete experience of culture, shopping arenas, food, and much more. Thousands of retail outlets set up to shop and eat here. The Global village Dubai offers international performances of concerts also, which are performed by singers from all over the world.

Get to see the entire world's culture, try the food, and shop whatever you want at the Global Village Dubai. Catch a glimpse of Emirati Art, see the fireworks, visit Fantasy Island, see the popular monster stunt show, haunted house, and many more. Global village Dubai offers everything that a tourist needs, from shows to cultural events, and from shopping to relishing food, everything is under one roof.


Global Village, Sheikh Mohammed Bin Zayed Road, Dubai, UAE

How to Reach Global Village Dubai

It takes around 50 minutes to reach Global Village from Dubai airport. One can choose a car, bus or Metro to travel. To reach Global Village by Metro, take the red line to First Gulf bank from Dubai Airport. After that, take a cab to Global Village.
To travel by bus, take a redline bus to Rashidiya from Dubai airport. Reach the blue tower and take a cab to the Global Village.
The last option is by private taxi or cab. Traveling in a taxi is the most convenient way to reach the Global village. The distance between Dubai Airport and Global Village is 28 km and the whole journey takes around 30-40 minutes.

Best Time to Visit Global Village Dubai

Global Village Dubai runs from October to April every year. The best time to visit the place is in the evening. If you want to see the fireworks Thursday and Friday are best. The global village of Dubai remains crowded as millions of visitors visit the Global Village every day. The park remains open from 02:00 pm until 11:00 pm (For 2020-21).

Tips to visit Global Village Dubai

1) Nights get chilly in Dubai; don’t forget to carry winter wear or a jacket.
2) Global Village Dubai is an international event and people from all over the world come to visit. However, it would be better if you wear decent clothes. Try to avoid wearing shorts or sleeveless clothes.
3) Carry a water bottle and camera.
4) To enjoy the hassle-free experience, it is advised that one must pre-book their ticket to Global Village Dubai.
5) If you are visiting with your kids then it is advised to hold your kid's hands all the time.

Things to Do in Global Village Dubai

Explore the world

Offering the culture, shows, food, shopping places of almost 90 countries, Global Village is the must-visit place in Dubai. Take a selfie with the iconic wonders of the world like the Egyptian Pyramids, Eiffel tower, the Sydney Opera House, British telephone booths, and many more. Enjoy the different rides for kids, families, and adults at Global Village Carnival. Get to know the traditions, and culture of the different countries at this popular destination in Dubai. Ride on the Arabian horse carousel with your family.

See live shows from all over the world

The place is a popular destination to enjoy the shows, concerts, and attractions. Famous singers and performers come from different countries like the UAE, Turkey, India, Pakistan, China, Africa, Egypt, Japan, and many more! Enjoy the performances and live shows with fantastic music and lights. Watch the amazing dancing fountains with lights.

Explore dazzling Bazaars and shop

Do you want to explore the Bazaars of every country and shop from all over the world? If yes, then Global Village Dubai is the perfect place for you! Check out the textiles from Pakistan, and traditional handicrafts from Vietnam and Cambodia. Explore the famous Thai floating market where you can shop things from fashion to household. Visit the Egyptian market and buy a traditional belly dancing outfit. Buy the best quality and designed Persian carpets from Iran.

Check out the food stalls from all over the world

Global Village Dubai is a heaven for foodies and food bloggers! Try the famous Yemeni honey at the Yemeni pavilion, spread shea butter on your skin in Africa. Visit the vibrant and colorful Indian Chaat Bazaar to eat some chaats and Indian cuisine. Try Japanese mochi which is a Japanese rice cake. Try authentic recipes from Thailand, Korea, Myanmar, and the Philippines at the Thai floating market. Try the delicious Bosnian kebabs with the sauce. Grab some authentic dishes at the Cambodia and Vietnam stalls.

When it comes to the desert there is nothing better than Turkish ice cream. Relish your taste buds with the Turkish ice cream and end your day.

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People Also Ask About Global Village Dubai

Global Village Dubai represents the culture of 70 countries. The world's largest entertainment place. The place serves food stalls, shopping stalls, fun rides, environment programs, and many more.
The Global Village Dubai opens from November to April. The visiting time is from 04.00 pm to 12.00 am. You can visit anytime between these hours.
  • Get to see the world in one day.
  • Watch fireworks at night.
  • Enjoy live shows and performances.
  • Explore monster stunt show and haunted house.
  • Visit the Fantasy Island.
  • Shop from different countries and feel your shopping bags.
  • Taste the multiple cuisines.
Yes, you can bring food to Global Village Dubai. Even though the Global Village has many food stalls, where you can enjoy the food.
Fireworks are the main attraction of the Global Village, Dubai. The firework takes place at 09.00 pm every Thursday and Friday.
Yes, you can pre-book Global Village Dubai tickets. We will recommend you book your tickets in advance to avoid the crowds and hustle.

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